Live Stream Bloopers That Prove Pokimane Is Still Human - SVG (2024)

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Live Stream Bloopers That Prove Pokimane Is Still Human - SVG (1)

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Imane Anyse, better known as Pokimane, is kind of a big deal when it comes to the world of video game streamers. Not only does she have an absurd number of Twitch followers — 5.8 million as of Oct. 5, 2020 — but she may be one of the most followed women on the platform, as well. Regarding her success, Dot Esports notes that when it comes to sponsorship deals with different brands, she was able to turn down an offer for $3 million due to her not seeing the company as a good fit for her.


But looking past the millions who watch her content,the thousands of dollars that her brand is worth, and even being represented by a large talent agency, it can be hard to remember that Pokimane is indeed still just a person. Just like the rest of us, Pokimane is susceptible to the occasional human error, jumpscare, or occasional silly moment. Here are a fewlive stream bloopers that prove Pokimane is still human.

Pokimane leaked her email during a Call of Duty stream

Though it may seem impossible considering the franchise's scope, there are still some gamers who have yet to play a Call of Duty game. At one point, one of these gamers was Pokimane. Determined to change that fact, Imane installed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on one of her streams so she could jump right into combat once the game download had completed.


However, when she stepped away from the computer during the installation process, Imane, unfortunately, left her email and Activision ID on full display for the Twitch chat to see. Unsurprisingly, by the time she returned to her computer, Pokimane had been bombarded with messages from her fans. Luckily, the streamer handled the situation in stride and remarked, "I'm almost not mad because it's comical for me to go AFK at that exact moment."

It just goes to show, even after hundreds upon hundreds of hours of streaming, it's still incredibly easy to let personal information slip to your viewers. Fortunately, nothing too intimate was put up on screen, and all Pokimane had to deal with was an annoying influx of fan mail.


Pokimane got redirected to p*rnHub on stream

Thanks to years of streaming experience, Pokimane knew she should have a system set up to vet fan-submitted links. This way, she could better ensure nothing inappropriate was broadcast on her stream. However, even in the best systems, sometimes things manage to slip through the cracks. This became evident to the wider internet when Pokimane pulled up a seemingly innocuous link to share with her audience, and to her horror, a p*rnHub video began loading on the screen. The surprised streamer screamed as she hurriedly closed out of the video.


Upon resuming her stream, Pokimane explained that she maintains a Google Doc where audience-generated links are placed for moderators to check into before they are ok'd for her to interact with in front of her audience. However, it seems that someone who had access to the document slipped in the illicit link for Poki to pull up, or the video was simply overlooked. Pokimane then jumped on the phone, presumably to talk with her mods or employees and smooth out what just happened.

Afterward, everything went back to normal, albeit with a riled-up chat, and the stream continued with a game ofValorant.

Pokimane accidentally spilled a drink on herself

Almost everyone has reached for a cup of coffee at home or the office and had the embarrassing experience of spilling it all over themselves. At worst, you've made a fool of yourself in front of a handful of people, or maybe you've stained a perfectly good pair of pants. But more often than not, no one really notices, you change clothes, and you go about your day without much thought. For a streamer like Pokimane, the unfortunate reality is that these moments happen in front of thousands of viewers.


While messing around on a stream, Poki knocked over her drink, subsequently spilling liquid all over her clothing. The hilarious nature of the moment is further accented by Pokimane's shocked scream and her horrified face at the realization at what had just happened. While Pokimane's reaction may have been broadcast to tons of Twitch viewers, and most folks don't have their momentary lapses in coordination clipped for posterity, the situation is indeed a relatable one.

Pokimane saved her viewers from seeing a naked Ninja cosplayer

We've all been there. Whether it was a suggestive scene suddenly appearing in a film you were watching with parents or a spammy ad popping up on a public computer, sometimes you have to rely on quick thinking and even faster reflexes to keep a situation from reaching terminal levels of awkwardness and inappropriateness.


This sort of situation happened to Pokimane when, in February 2020, a fan donated for a Super Chat asking if she had seen Ninja's latest Tik Tok. The fan provided a link. Unfortunately, Poki clicked the link.

As she looked at her phone, which was being captured for the stream, it seemed as though the clip was of aTik Tok crossover between Ninja and YouTuber Jeffree Star. However, instead of the video revealing Jeffree Star, itcut to a naked man dancing in front of the camera. Luckily, Pokimane acted quickly and turned the video off before anything explicit could be shown.

During an Offline TV stream, Pokimane bent over in front of a camera

While streaming with the whole Offline TV crew in the Offline TV house, everyone was waiting for the rest of the crew to take their places on their living room sectional. As Pokimane was about to take her place, she bent over to pick up her cat. However, she forgot just how close the camera was, so she ended up bending over directly in front of it, exposing her backside in full view to the Twitch stream.


By the time she realized exactly what happened and just how close she was to the camera, it was already too late. The Twitch chat was exploding with activity with viewers making suggestive comments towards the streamer. As Pokimane awkwardly shuffled over to the couch to sit beside the rest of the Offline TV cast, there wasn't much else to do but laugh off the mistake.

Pokimane got spooked by sleightlymusical

Horror games have the unique ability to catch us off guard and make the ordinarily unscary moments terrifying. Shadows become hiding places for nefarious creatures. Every sound is magnified and imbued with sinister purpose. Even silence can feel oppressive in its emptiness after a particularly heart-pounding game session. Playing a horror game can leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, which then makes you far more vulnerable to scares that might happen in the real world.


Pokimane was playing a horror game with a heart rate monitor on so her audience could see evidence of just how scared she was while playing. Suddenly, Albert "sleightlymusical" Chang came into her bedroom and proceeded to sit on the bed next to her streaming setup. Not expecting company, Imane let out a shriek as her heart rate spiked. In the aftermath, Albert said he was just stopping in to say "Hi." With that simple explanation, Imane replied with an emphatic, "Hello!"

Pokimane sang a NSFW duet

Using Twitch Sings, streamers can perform karaoke songs with each other live over Twitch. Additionally, Twitch Chat can make song requests and react to performances using emotes mimicking the feel of a real-life karaoke session. Pokimane was enjoying Twitch Sings herself when she posted a song choice to her audience: "Hakuna Matata" from Disney's The Lion King or 50 Cent's "Candy Shop." The chat one-sidedly endorsed the latter option. As Pokimane began the "Candy Shop" duet with fellow streamer ItSlikeR, things suddenly took a NSFW turn.


Had Pokimane been familiar with the song beforehand, she would have known that the song is full of sexually charged content. As ItSlikeR began to rap the provocative lyrics, the look of evident discomfort on Pokimane's face confirmed that she was not exactly having a great time with this particular song choice. Her evident displeasure was further demonstrated whenshe asked her audience, "Why did you guys make me do this?" After that episode, It's likely Pokimane will think twice before covering a song she's doesn't know in future karaoke sessions.

Pokimane relied on Twitch chat to help her close her blinds

As Pokimane was sitting down to start her Dec. 20, 2019 stream, the sun was streaming through her bedroom window, hitting the streamer across her face. Imane began to get up from her gaming chair to close the blinds but ran into a bit of difficulty. She'd forgotten exactly how to make the blinds shut out the sunlight. She tried in vain to close the tricky blinds off-camera, and a brief snap could be heard in the midst of her struggle, but the light remained unchanged when Pokimane returned to her seat.


Pokimane then turned to her chat, showing them her window and explaining, "I have blinds but not curtains." Eventually, the Twitch Chat guided her in the right direction, and the stream was able to resume without Pokimane going blind in the process. Sometimes it's good to have the hive mind at your disposal, right?

Pokimane had an encounter with a jumpy tarantula at the zoo

On a visit to the Mobile Zoo of Southern California, Pokimane and former Offline TV member Federico "Fedmyster" Gaytan streamed with a staff member to show the two handling different exotic animals. The two-hour-long stream featured many critters from iguanas to ferrets. However, things got a little out of hand when Fed was encouraged to let a tarantula walk across his hands while Imane held the camera. However, after the tarantula began its walk across his hands, it made a sudden jump roughly three feet down to the floor below and began scrambling away.


As Fed and Poki displayed their surprise at the sudden move, their animal handling guide was quick to scoop the arachnid up, explaining that this particular breed was more prone to jumping than others that they had in their tarantula display. Although the tumbling tarantula was unexpected, their guide assured them both that the animal was uninjured, and the rest of the stream continued without any issues.

Live Stream Bloopers That Prove Pokimane Is Still Human - SVG (2024)
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