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Maximum nutritional diversity is found in the group
(1) Fungi
(2) Animalia
(3) Monera
(4) Plantae


Taxonomic hierarchy refers to
(1) step-wise arrangement of all categories for classification of plants and animals
(2) a group of senior taxonomists, who decide the nomenclature of plants and animals
(3) a list of botanists or zoologists, who have worked on taxonomy of a species or group
(4) classification of a species based on fossil record


The function of flame cells are
(1) Digestion and excretion
(2) Attachment and osmoregulation
(3) Anchorage and excretion
(4) Excretion and osmoregulation


Nomenclature is important -
a. So that it may become easy to talk about that organism in different States
b. So that we may assign a single name to an organism valid all over the world.
c. To avoid confusion at the level of different scientific domains
d. To avoid confusion in writing research articles regarding the advancements around that organism.


What is incorrect with respect to taxa?
a. Represents a category at different levels.
b. Human and hom*o sapiens represents different taxa.
c. Mammals, Dogs and animals represent taxa at different levels.
d. Taxa is a scientific term for category


What is not true with respect to Systematics
a. Systematic arrangement of organisms
b. Derived from latin word systema
c. The study of relationships among different organisms
d. Does not account any kind of evolutionary relationships.


Step of classification does not represent-
a. Rank
b. Taxon
c. Space
d. Unit of classification


Classes’ together form…… plants.
a. Phylum
b. Division
c. Kingdom
d. Order


If only the mode of nutrition were to be considered then how many Kingdoms has to be together under saprophytic mode of nutrition

(1) Except plantae and Animalia all three
(2) Except monera and plantae all three
(3) Except plantae all four
(4) Monera and protista


According to phylogenetic classification organisms belonging to same taxa
1. Are same in anatomy.
2. Have same genetic constituent.
3. Have a common ancestor.
4. Have all characteristics same.


Which of the following organisms do not possess cell wall?

(1) Plant cell
(2) Bacteria
(3) Fungi
(4) Amoeba


Pyrenoid has

(1) Protein+Starch
(2) Only Protein
(3) Only Starch
(4) Fats+ Starch


All cyclostomes are ___________ on some fishes; paired fins are _________, cranium is ________ and circulation is _______ type.
1. Ectoparasites, Absent, Cartilaginous, Open
2. Endoparasites, Present, Bony, Closed
3. Ectoparasites, Absent, Cartilaginous, Closed
4. Ectoparasites, Present, Cartilaginous, Open


Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H. Whittaker is based on:
1. Complexity of body organisation
2. Mode of reproduction
3. Mode of nutrition
4. All of the above


The given diagram shows:
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(1) An alga that lacks flagellated cells
(2) A liverwort
(3) A heterosporous pteridophyte
(4) A gymnosperm with non motile sperms


Read the following statements and select the option
with correct statements
(a) In Wolfia, the highly reduced female gametophyte
present within ovule, is embryo sac.
(b) The ploidy level of endosperm in Cycas and
Eucalyptus is triploid.
(c) Azolla is a water fern.
(d) Majority of the red algae are marine with greater
abundance in the warmer areas.
(1) (a) and (b) only
(2) (b) and (c) only
(3) (a), (b) and (c)
(4) (a), (c) and (d)


Select incorrect option with respect to given diagram
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1. Heterosporous.
2. Aquatic fern.
3. Belongs to class Pteropsida.
4. Gametophytic main plant body.


The leaf of Pinus is
1. Needle shaped
2. Compound leaf
3. Having veinlets
4. Non-cutinised


Match the category of column l and that of column ll. Column ll below consists of brief description of organisms in column l.
Column l Column ll
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1. a(ii), b(iv), c(i), d(iii)
2.a(iii), b(iv), c(ii), d(i)
3.a(iv), b(iii), c(i), d(ii)
4.a(iii), b(iv), c(i), d(ii)


Which of the following statements is not applicable to Ascaris?
1. In male, the posterior end of tail is curved
2. It is pseudocoelomate
3. Its mouth develops from blastopore
4. In male, excretory pore is absent


Viviparity is found in
1. Ichthyophis
2. Alytes
3. Scoliodon
4. Xenopus


In which set both the animals are true worms with pseudocoelom?
1. Bladderworm and ring worm
2. Tapeworm and hook worm
3. Pin worm and flat worm
4. Roundworm and filarial worms


Which of the following pair is not correctly matched?

1. Osculum

- Control the entry of water

2. Spicules

- Form skeleton and are the supporting elements which are needle-like

3. Amoebocyte

- Transport food to non-feeding cells

4. Collar cell

- Movement of water and filtering food


Consider the following statement with respect to Mycoplasma
a. They lack cell wall.
b. They are the largest living cell.
c. They can survive without oxygen
d. They are pathogenic to animals only.
The correct statements are
1. b & d
2. b& c
3. a& c
4. a& d


Which of the following statement is incorrect?
1. Cyanobacteria often form blooms in polluted water bodies
2. Body of slime moulds moves along decaying twigs and leaves engulfing inorganic material
3. RNA of the viroid is low molecular weight
4. Lichens do not grow in polluted areas


All of the following statements are concerned with gemmae, except

1.Small and green structure
2.Undifferentiated structure and each giving two daughter plants
3.Absent in Merchantia
4.Multicellular structure

28. Match the following features to the animals. Which is the correct combination?
(i) Open circulatory system
(ii) Closed circulatory system
(iii) Earthworm
(iv) Malpighian tubules
(v) Nephridia
(vi) co*ckroach
1. (i), (iii), (iv) and (ii), (v), (vi)
2. (i), (iv), (vi) and (ii), (iii), (v)
3. (i), (iii), (v) and (ii), (iv), (vi)
4. (i), (v), (vi) and (ii), (iii), (iv)

Given below are two statements:

Assertion(A):Mixotrophic nutrition is seen in Euglena
Reason(R):Euglena is a photosynthetic as well as chemosynthetic autotroph
1.Both(A)and(R)are true and(R)is the correct explanation of(A).
2.Both(A)and(R)are true but(R)is not the correct explanation of(A).
3.(A)is true but(R)is false.
4.Both(A)and(R)are false.

30. Prions lack
1. Genetic material
2. Pathogenecity
3. Protein
4. Any type of biomolecule



The number of electrons in the valence shell of calcium is
1. 6
2. 8
3. 2
4. 4


Which mode of expressing concentration is independent of temperature?
1. Molality
2. Percent by mass
3. Mole fraction
4. All of the above


The element with atomic number 26 is:
1. A non-metal
2. Krypton
3. Iron
4. Manganese


The transition in the He+ ion in the balmer series that would have the same wave number as the first Lyman line in the hydrogen spectrum is-

1.\(2 \rightarrow1\)2.\(5 \rightarrow3\)
3.\(4 \rightarrow2\)4.\(6 \rightarrow4\)


Which one of the elements has the highest ionization energy?
1. [Ne]3s23p1
2. [Ne]3s23p2
3. [Ne]3s23p3
4. [Ar]3d104s24p2


Which of the following pairs of gases contains the same number of molecules:-
(1) 16g of O2 and 14g of N2
(2)8g of O2 and 22g of CO2
(3) 28g of N2 and 22g of CO2
(4) 32g of O2 and 32g of N2


25.4 ofI2and 14.2 g ofCl2are made to react completely to yield a mixture of ICI and ICI3. Calculate mole of ICI and ICI3 formed:
(Given, Molecular mass of I2-254, Cl2 - 71)
1. 0.5, 0.2
2. 0.1, 0.1
3. 0.1, 0.3
4. 0.3, 0.4


The correct order of increasing atomic radius of the following elements is:
1. S < O < Se < C
2. O < C < S < Se
3. O < S < Se < C
4. C < O < S < Se


The incorrect match among the following is:
1. B < C < N < O (increasing first ionisation enthalpy)
2. I < Br < F < Cl (increasing electron gain enthalpy)
3. Li < Na < K < Rb (increasing metallic radius)
4. Al3+ < Mg2+ < Na+ <F- (increasing ionic size)


The electron gain enthalpies of halogens in kJ mol-1 are given below.
F =-332, Cl =-349, Br =-325, I =-295.
The lesser negative value for F as compared to that of Cl is due to:

1. Strong electron-electron repulsions in the compact 2p-subshell of F.
2. Weak electron-electron repulsions in the bigger 3p-subshell of Cl.
3. Smaller electronegativity value of F than Cl.
4. 1 & 2 both


Which one of the following ions is the most stable in an aqueous solution?
(At. No. Ti = 22, V = 23, Cr = 24, Mn = 25)
1.\(\text{Cr}^{3 +}\)
2.\(\text V^{3 +}\)
3.\(\text{Ti}^{3 +}\)
4.\(\text{Mn}^{3 +}\)


The haemoglobin from the red blood corpuscles contains approximately 0.33% iron
by mass. The molar mass of haemoglobin is 67,200. The number of iron atoms in each molecule of haemoglobin is :
(atomic mass of iron=56):



The incorrect statement about the nodal plane among the following is:

1.A plane on which there is a zero probability of finding an electron.
2.A plane on which there is maximum probability that the electron will be found.
3.ψ2 is zero at nodal plane.
4.None of the above.


The mass of an electron is m, charge is e and it is accelerated from rest through a potential difference of V volts. The velocity acquired by electron will be :
4. zero


If3.02×1019molecules are removed from 98 mg of H2SO4, then the number of moles of H2SO4left are -

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